Naldela Teleyal

I took the character's name from the Drow, because it's very concise and will remain in many people's minds just because it's very unique.

Naldela grew up in an orphanage in the Salma-District of Divinity's Reach after her mother died giving birth. Her father had been reported missing a few months before, after he had not returned from a reconnaissance mission for the seraphim.
At a young age, she was very keen to experiment with her inherited gift of necromancy, but she taught more than a few curses. Since she never had any training, it can happen that in emotionally tense situations, she can call for a poisonous forest spider or a shadow unhold.

Instead of further training in necromancy, she decided to complete her training as a seamstress. After working for an unknown dressmaker for a very long time, she decided, after 15 years, to further develop her skills and started working as a dressmaker's assistant at Darell & Partner in Rurikton. There she took over the meticulously planned routine of her boss Amelia Darell and began to gain her first experience in tailoring for the nobility.

She seems to love tea very much, because every time you meet her she has a hot cup of tea in her hand. Either Earl Grey or Mint Tea, which is why she is called 'Mint' in the Broken Miracle Lamp.

3 pictures, 3 artists.
The very first picture of Naldela, which came from a artist, comes from Alrooney. It's a really wonderful photo and I always have to look 2 times to see that it's not a photo. It was a gift from her at my request in the Project Starcall of sylessae. A wonderful project. You should really have a look ;)
The black and white picture comes from the master of Project Starcall personal. I don't know about you, but the picture is staring at me. It's like she's trying to look through you. A woundvolle work and I look forward to a future collaboration with her :)
The Chibi comes from MischiArt. It was the first one I had ordered from her and it wasn't the last ;)