With my over 30 years I could collect in the meantime so some at experiences. From positive to negative. My recommendations for those who are looking for German roleplay:

Guild Wars 2

The lore is not completely continuous and offers many gaps, which can lead to the most different speculations, however the Community under gw2-rollenspiel.de declared itself as quite very adult and compromise ready. If you have the opportunity to have your characters brought to life by freelance artists, you will find admiration and enthusiasm here. Yes, even a little envy, but one does not have to fear that the envy will lead to mobbing. Unfortunately, the community lacks trust in each other, which does not make different things particularly easy.

Final Fantasy XIV (Online)

The community is, admittedly, a bit more difficult and headstrong than Guild Wars 2, and if you don't get offended, you can make good contacts here. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIV doesn't give me a deeper insight into the role-playing community, so that my experience can only be maintained by a few reliable players.
Final Fantasy itself offers the advantage that it can fall back on a really old lore. The first Final Fantasy came on the market in 1987 and could already offer a stable lore at that time.


For those who also want to look around in the English role playing game, the above mentioned MMORPGs, as well as apply again:

Elder Scrolls Online (North American Server)

Elder Scrolls Online offers a stable lore with very few gaps. However, you should be careful not to include any lore parts from Elder Scrolls Skyrim in your character, because Skyrim is in the 4th era, Elder Scrolls Online is in the 3rd era. Zenimax also allows itself to adjust the lore according to their needs and to deviate from the original, so that they can for example make the Summerset Islands playable. If you want to stay true to Lore, stay away from plots on Summerset. I recommend that you stay away from the EU server for RP, unless you like boring, superficial characters, strictly pre-defined plots without the possibility of individual participation or even participation, characters who could wipe out the entire Dunmeri Tribunal while still asleep passing the lore, and rush against other players who make a lot more effort with their characters than 90% of the german RP "community" on EU. If you're from the EU, get used to the higher ping and English RP, because only then can you really enjoy the role-playing game in Elder Scrolls Online.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is now a very, very old game. Even though Funcom has given the game a new engine after 13 years, you can see the age. The lore has some gaps, so you won't be able to avoid speculations. But the cities are really big and the discotheques offer a real challenge for the subwoofer. The soundtrack is also worth it, by the way, without necessarily throwing the game on.