I started my first steps in online role playing in that times on telnet. At that time everything was text based and called itself MUD. Multi User Dungeon. Even today there are still some active MUDs and even the MUD where I started with roleplaying, Avalon, is still available at http://avalon.mud.de/ .

When Anarchy Online was released, most people were drawn to the graphical MMO. Why not? Here there was the possibility to have not only generated images of his character in your head, but complete avatars. MMOs like Ragnarök Online or Ultima Online already existed, but in the German-speaking world they never made it into an integral part of role-playing games.

So that we don't get each other wrong now, I'm not talking about roleplaying with only accepting quests, finishing quests and collecting rewards. No. The roleplaying I'm talking about goes beyond this "stupid" quest work and enjoys an existing story. A roleplayer, as I mean, has a worked out lore to a character. He has a profession, pursues his favourite pastimes in his spare time and usually even has likes and dislikes.

My first character, which I used in a graphical MMORPG, was in the MMORPG Saga of Ryzom (today only Ryzom). His name was Kromonos Drago, he was a simple blacksmith and made various weapons for his people, the Matis. He was engaged to a Tryker and lived with her in a small house in the Matis capital Yrkanis. The guild lasted until the last server was shut down. Unfortunately, however, none of the roleplayers got together after the game was taken over by another developer, the game was renamed Ryzom, and the servers were restarted, ending the era of my Matis.

I decided to take a break from online role-playing games for reasons of time. My job in handicapped transport and feeder service at that time didn't allow me to invest time in MMORPGs anymore.

Some years and many MUDs later, I got the game Elder Scrolls Online for free. Even then, Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind inspired me very much. Since the German roleplaying community in Elder Scrolls Online was very ... fascistic, fanatical with extreme envy and envy and many, very many players, not only role players, out of the game mobben, I will not continue to write about it. Also, Bethesda's support doesn't really seem to lift a finger there. So if you're looking for a German adult role playing game, don't worry about Elder Scrolls Online. You will neither be happy with the roleplaying community nor with the support. I was promised to do something on the phone, but until today (10.05.2018) nothing seemed to have happened. If Zenimax, Bethesda and the German role players can live with the bad image of Elder Scrolls Online ... it should be all right with me. However I will not make any recommendations for this game!

My character Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal is probably my greatest creation and, if you see the lore and the pictures to her, you will understand where the envy and resentment of the Elder Scrolls online roleplayers comes from.

The name Naldela Teleyal, or Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal, is now represented in several MMORPGs and in each of these MMORPGs, she is a personality of her own, who, apart from the name and some small things, has nothing more to do with her namesakes from the other games.

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